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About me..  I like people with a clear definition of themselves, with an entertaining and multidisciplinary theme for their lives. Focusing on being the best on a narrow path, if that means sacrificing other fascinating life experiences, is not for me. Like the Sauna towel champion guy I met one day..

I like adventurers, space pirates, vikings and reality developers, real people expressing their personal sovereignty through science, art or plain but defined craziness. I like animals and nature, mountains and seas, stars, ginger hair, classical music, jazz, meteorites, sun and rain, breakfast lunch and dinner,  films and pretty much everything except a few things I don’t like yet..

I’m documenting some of my travels both through writing and photography.

I’m not doing this full time, so no daily journal and not everything I do is going to be documented here.

My main interests are in sailing, astrophysics and astronomy, amateur archaeology, photography and mountaineering whether is hiking or climbing. On the side, I enjoy horse riding and archery.

These above are mainly the focus in my articles. My home is in Bucharest, Romania, but many of my stories are about trips outside my home country.

I’ll try to be concise, give tips and tricks about my travels, my personal opinions (couldn’t be otherwise), reviews about gear, from the point of view of an average user and traveler. Thus, this website is not dedicated to professionals but to beginners or part-time adventurers like me.

I do believe time is the most precious resource and everything could be regarded as a trade-off between time, wealth, power and freedom. The ultimate goal being to have a quality time and a meaningful life. To have a lot of time, alone, is not enough without having the resources to follow your dreams, but being to much into creating those resources could make you forget why you’re doing that in the first place.

If you got this far, on a more personal note, I believe not many things beat having your own toilet to return to, from the wilderness of nature, being lucky and healthy enough to appreciate your family and friends and understanding some of the true meaning of your cosmological thoughts, being loved by the person you want your kids with and having a cat friend your dog. And also having a monkey or a baby alpaca. You try to beat that.

Enjoy my lines and thank you for visiting!